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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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ELECTRICFRET --- 17:45:16 12.3.2009
KAZZZZM with MoHa! (Norsko) & Drama Jacqua (CZ) - 7.4.2009 @ TUNER (ex-Boro)


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XEZRETNUMF --- 0:12:08 11.3.2009


[NTT057] PlanetZoo - Life, This Strange Discharge

PlanetZoo - the braindeadchild of arguably mentally deranged composers Samuel Glazer (Zoogoo) and Anthony Colas (Planet Aldol) - was not so long ago destined to release on Entity and (thankfully) have yet again put everything aside to work on the continuation of what is already becoming a compendium of hyperrealistic yet surreal and psychedelic auditory sceneries.
This new incarnation brings a horrific tale of dark, virtual entities, bearing a story that will keep you puzzled as you relive each unpredictable moment, only to discover more of the dirty secrets that you hoped to be spared from.
Is this the work of madmen then, or is this a magnification of the statement that nothing is ever as obvious as it seems?
I'd recommend you to find it out for yourself, if you dare.

label: Entity http://www.entity.be/entity/


??? --- 19:04:24 10.3.2009
Our label has been set up to release Hungarian and overseas producers' music for free in styles like jazz, funk, hip hop, breakz, turntablism, downtempo, headz, lounge, sweetbeats... all in the word freestyle. Our releases for the freestyle lovers try to fill the gaps in the Hungarian net-label market.

Our releases are not the final goal for our artists, just a starting step in the music business. We believe that with our help their works may get easily to everybody including DJs, label managers and not to mention the general public itself.

Our music are under the Creative Commons licence so if a label wants to release any of our music in physical format like CD or vinyl then we simply end the Creative Commons licence and the links for the pending files giving full rights over to the coming label. (Our only condition is that the coming label must represent our name/logo as the earlier netlabel.)

UNCLEAN --- 16:49:51 10.3.2009
micro.Wilsonic podcast


V ostatnom vydaní relácie Wilsonic_FM Tibor s Danielom predstavili nový album Styrofoam "A Thousand Words", Maxa Tundru netradične ako dídžeja, live set od Shackletona, remixy Longitalu a Dope Aviators a nakoniec aj DJ-Kicks od Hot Chip.

Priamy odkaz na podcast je tu:
UNCLEAN --- 8:26:59 2.3.2009

Mix 14: Drone RadiAtor


{{{Sunn O))) - Sin Nanna
{{{Mordant Music - The Tower (Part III: Dungeon Sequence)
{{{Rapoon - Shadow
{{{Main - Heat Realm
{{{NIN - Ghosts I
{{{Trent Reznor - Parallel Dimensions
{{{Aphex Twin - Gwely Mernans
{{{David Lynch - The Air Is On Fire (Parts 3 + 4)
{{{Autechre - Paralel Suns
{{{Zoviet France - Pyroclastic Flow
{{{Mogwai - Mogwai Fear Satan (Surgeon Remix)
{{{NIN - Corona Radiata
{{{Massive Attack - Antistar
{{{Main - Pulled From The Water
{{{Dead Voices On Air - Incthuthil

Run Time: 46:18 mins

UNCLEAN --- 10:08:59 25.2.2009


MP3 | INFREQUENCY D001 | Duration 55min

To expand upon our 2xCD compilation, an open call was made for artists to submit their own interpretations of the 1860 recording by Édouard-Léon Scott. This digital-only release from INFREQUENCY collects together nine exceptional submissions as high quality MP3s.


FREE DOWNLOAD (117MB zip file)
UNCLEAN --- 14:11:12 19.2.2009
Atom™ - Wellen und Felder

Title from the Album "Liedgut". Released on "Raster-Noton" (www.raster-noton.net), catalogue number RN99.

UNCLEAN --- 18:02:20 12.2.2009
Jeremy Bible - lbrnm (reinterpretations of koen parks laburnum)


With “lbrnm” Jeremy Bible presents his first solo work on Resting Bell. Jeremy is well-known for his project with Jason Henry, his experimedia imprint and for his graphic/photo/video work.

“lbrnm” contains 3 reinterpretations of a koen park-piece titled “laburnum” originally released on the highly recommended “grey night clouds” release on experimedia. The original work sounds very clean, deep and calming. It is dominated by a own heartbeat, created with a higher “gong” tone and a subtle beat, giving the piece a very specific structure.

The reinterpretations by Jeremy break this structure. He slightly shifts some elements further into the background, accents other elements, fills in some easeful parts and carefully adds some very, very gentle field-recordings, glitches and sounds. You can still hear the old elements and find some links to the basic material, but new atmospheres emerge from the original sources in these three pieces. A bit more drone, dustier, rustier, and more open.

The original track is a great ambient-electronic-work. And with these three re-workings by Jeremy, you can get further perspective into this wonderful material.

Release Date

The original track laburnum is written by Koen Park
laburnum is part of the album grey night clouds, released on experimedia.net

reinterpretations done by jeremy bible

done by Christian Roth, www.goyippi.net
Image: Slika 79. Negnoj. (Cýtisus Labúrnum [sic].)

UNCLEAN --- 19:38:03 11.2.2009
Brilliant Noise


Brilliant Noise by Semiconductor: Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt

Avaliable on DVD! with 12 alternate soundtracks semiconductorfilms.com/WorldsInFluxDVD.html

Brilliant Noise takes us into the data vaults of solar astronomy. After sifting through hundreds of thousands of computer files, made accessible via open access archives, Semiconductor have brought together some of the sun's finest unseen moments. These images have been kept in their most raw form, revealing the energetic particles and solar wind as a rain of white noise. This grainy black and white quality is routinely cleaned up by NASA, hiding the processes and mechanics in action behind the capturing procedure. Most of the imagery has been collected as single snapshots containing additional information, by satellites orbiting the Earth. They are then reorganised into their spectral groups to create time-lapse sequences. The soundtrack highlights the hidden forces at play upon the solar surface, by directly translating areas of intensity within the image brightness into layers of audio manipulation and radio frequencies.
Lots more info here:
...this version suffers a bit from the internet compression. The original version is much better