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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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UNCLEAN --- 16:38:16 26.9.2008

Monolake vs Deadbeat


Scott Monteith aka Deadbeat and me aka Monolake were both booked for a festival in spain. Due to some communication glitches, the organizers assumed we both will perform together. We told them this would not be the case. However, when we arrived at the festival, all flyers and posters and line-up sheets still stated that we are going to play a set together and there was not the slightest hint that this could not be the case. So, after some discussions, we decided to give the audience what the audience would expect...
In my article about Live performance, I wrote that I prefer to play in the middle of the audience because there I have full control over the sound and I can be as close as possible to the audience. The PA at that festival sounded quite weird, and therefor Scott and me tried to convince the organizer that we'd like to play in the middle of the audience. However, the organizer quite brutally ignored our wish. So, we ended up on stage. Which was good for us, because the monitors sounded far better then the main PA.

The recording of the set, made by the incompetent PA guys for a soft drink manufacturer, which was a sponsor of the event, is mono. Deadbeat versus Monolake in mono?!? Nice deep reverbs and dubby echoes, all that lovely spaces - gone. I assume the PA itself was mono too, and only our monitoring was in stereo.... The file I got from the festival also has been limited and loudness maximized, all perfect things to apply to a recording if you want to ruin it sonically.
But, we had quite some fun playing this set, despite the absurdities we had to deal with.

Technically, the Monolake versus Deadbeat performance was just Scott running Ableton Live on his computer, and me running Live on mine. We both mixed parts of our individual sets to create something new. Both computers were not synced via MIDI, we just typed in the same tempo and occasionally restarted one of the sets to re-sync.
This set is one hour long, and it is the free track of the month for August and September.

MATHEZZZ --- 18:56:51 25.9.2008
UNCLEAN --- 11:09:23 25.9.2008
Various Artists - Through the Mirror:adcBicycle Revisioned


adcBicycle is Matt Chisholm from Ottawa, Canada. Matt had an EP on Kikapu (RIP) back in 2006 which was on heavy rotation in my player. After finishing his new album one year later, Matt decided not to release it. He got in contact with a bunch of artists he is friends with or fan of, asking them to revisionize his tunes. We are proud to publish this versatile compilation album of boundless and blissful Pop music!

The fun starts with a dizzy electro rap-track by umami from Seattle. allthatfall from New Orleans then add his idea modern up-tempo Pop in a indietronic outfit while Albatrocity of Kansas goes for the Folk- and vocal-harmonies in Matt's music. In his Fell disguise, Seattle sound engineer John McCaig guides adcBicycle into his echo chamber and delivers a steel drum-driven piece of enthralling electro dub. Five is zanf (UK) with damped trumpet and a thousand pounding drums. Roughly divided into two parts, the poppy one is capped by Wisconsin He Can Jog's magnificent adaptation of the bicycle music.
Scotland based Wii wizard The Amazing Rolo opens the second part with a playful remix. Afterwards, map~map (Portland, USA) takes you on a smooth boat ride with chimes and processed guitars before it is North Carolina's Chimp Logic who sends adcBicycle into space and beyond. UK all-rounder Autistici delivers an amorphous track between field recordings and live-processing and, finally, Portland shoegazer The OO-Ray proves his mastership in mighty cello drones. Lean and boneless beauty overall. You don't want to miss this record.

more info & dl
MATHEZZZ --- 2:32:19 25.9.2008
UNCLEAN: hezkyyyyy .)
LKD --- 11:42:45 24.9.2008
GREGOR_PRIDE: palcehore!
GREGOR_PRIDE --- 11:00:08 24.9.2008

Tissue Damage EP

Digitalni Label holandskeho dje Charltona vypousti na svet druhy release s nazvem Tissue Damage EP.

Na releasu Return002f, ktery je volne ke stazeni na strankach www.return-records.com najdete 4 tracky od producentu Charlton + Dialect, Hoog, Filip Xavi (Concrete DJz) a Paul Boex. Za mastering je zodpovedny chorvatsky Luka Baumann.


WAKO --- 23:14:46 11.9.2008
MATHEZZZ: dobry!
MATHEZZZ --- 15:20:47 9.9.2008
a tady hudebne visualni masakr v 5.1 zvuku od: Scott Pagano&Jochem Paap
MATHEZZZ --- 15:09:58 9.9.2008
tady nejaka muzicka od kluku z jihu... vypadaj jak samponi, ale hudbu rozhodne delat umi: http://www.suonofantasma.it/