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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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LKD --- 11:42:45 24.9.2008
GREGOR_PRIDE: palcehore!
GREGOR_PRIDE --- 11:00:08 24.9.2008

Tissue Damage EP

Digitalni Label holandskeho dje Charltona vypousti na svet druhy release s nazvem Tissue Damage EP.

Na releasu Return002f, ktery je volne ke stazeni na strankach www.return-records.com najdete 4 tracky od producentu Charlton + Dialect, Hoog, Filip Xavi (Concrete DJz) a Paul Boex. Za mastering je zodpovedny chorvatsky Luka Baumann.


WAKO --- 23:14:46 11.9.2008
MATHEZZZ: dobry!
MATHEZZZ --- 15:20:47 9.9.2008
a tady hudebne visualni masakr v 5.1 zvuku od: Scott Pagano&Jochem Paap
MATHEZZZ --- 15:09:58 9.9.2008
tady nejaka muzicka od kluku z jihu... vypadaj jak samponi, ale hudbu rozhodne delat umi: http://www.suonofantasma.it/
UNCLEAN --- 11:54:01 8.9.2008
zitra !

ÚTERÝ 9.9.2008 - Perpetuum
ELECTRONIC /Electro, Minimal/
Live: Unclean aka Simetral + Toomuch live
DJs: Rivendel, Obraz
ELECTRICFRET --- 19:44:22 31.8.2008
tak a je to tady...
Chernobyl Musick & Level B uvádí:
LINKS: http://www.fleda.cz / http://www.last.fm/event/710565
BARONFRITZ --- 21:07:56 29.8.2008
Cheer - Cluny To The Sea [2008 Distance Recordings]


We're proud to offer this album of acoustic guitar wanderings and found sound loopage, from Glasgow's Cheer. Recorded live to minidisc in one take whilst on holiday in a small fishing village in the north of Scotland, as a reflection of what he was doing in his live sets at that time.

link [download 320kbps/lossless]
UNCLEAN --- 18:29:21 26.8.2008
LND101 - Introductions - Various Artists


Free label sampler of previous and upcoming releases from The Land Of.

CDr and MP3 Download

Download the full release here LND101.zip 58.7 mb zip file

1. My Fun - Radiant
2. Darren McClure - Pink River
3. Asher - Intervals 2,39,12,29,32
4. The Green Kingdom - The Scarlet Ibis
5. Offtthesky feat. Florian Fernbacher - Midlight

BARONFRITZ --- 14:53:57 26.8.2008
Ebola - Brodmann Area [2008 Acroplane]


Brighton based Wrong Music co-founder Ebola has put together a varied collection of tones and styles on this high quality six track EP. There are elements from the darker end of the electronic music spectrum and some that may also appeal to people on the dancefloor.

If you are not familiar with Ebola's production, it is fair to say that you should not expect to have a delicate listening experience. Twisted tones and aggressive beats are standard fare on all of his releases to date, and this record is no different.
This release begins with a loud snare and kick drum. Soaked in reverb, they leap out of the speakers before the synths and DSP kick in. Gushes of filtered noise and squiggles of electronics tease the listener before the bassline wobbles into action. A heavy track to open, it sounds like an off shot of dubstep, but ends with a granulated drone before track two stamps into your ears. A meaty kick gets stomping and then the bleeps begin. Instead of linear techno though, the track stops and wheezes a bit then kicks in again, then stutters off course before slipping into a dark atmospheric number.
Track three, is altogether more spacey than the other tracks. Bizarre and ambient, a gentle piece using melodic synth pads, it leads to track four with a snappy beat that becomes heavy with the addition of a nagging, dirty bass. Like a blend between hiphop and dubstep this one is probably best suited for afterclub parties.
Track five is a swirling mess of electronic noise. Lots of distorted, long reverb tails with gurgling fequencies twittering around in the high end. This acts as a sort of cleansing for the ears before the final track which opens with some more lo-fi dirt before getting the freaky and bouncy beats out. There is a tasty amount of fuzz and filter work that brings to mind some odd grime production that isn't afraid to throw weird effects in for the sake of keeping things from getting predictable.
Mutant sounds that might work in a club, it'll definitely not bore you.

download from acroplane

download from archive.org