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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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ELECTRICFRET --- 12:11:11 27.3.2008
FSTAB --- 11:06:00 26.3.2008
takle? :D
dedek: ten shani lidi na rls z 90%, pac ma cas vykomunikovavat + sprava myspace atd
ja: web, grafika, propaganda, pagerankbooster, naky gigs (ted to serem neni poptavka), naky vobaly, mastering atd
MAHISH --- 10:08:31 22.3.2008

hippocamp was launched in may 2000 originally featuring featuring music from blue sky research (jonathan fisher), dncn (duncan jones) and iermoc (matthew lever). after years of running the site jonathan fisher handed over control to ian heywood in june 2006.

LEVOS_BOB --- 21:18:15 19.3.2008
sm 18 - Surreal Madrid 2008
DVA - Ringtones for mobile uPhones

Did you know that mobile phones can now alert you to incoming calls with a musical ringtone???
WAKO --- 22:47:21 15.3.2008


...zatím jsem poslechl ten brakkórek české produkce a potěšilo to
FROHIKEY --- 10:54:22 13.3.2008

[hw025] GM-Lab - Mind Escape EP



field recordings, sampling, dronovaty plochy a experimentalni pipacky z mojeho oblibenyho netlabelu

UNCLEAN --- 20:34:03 11.3.2008
FROHIKEY: husty !!
UNCLEAN --- 20:23:38 11.3.2008
FROHIKEY: moc prijemny, jemny :)
UNCLEAN --- 15:03:16 11.3.2008
FROHIKEY: <kap> <kap> :)) pustim doma, dik za tip...
FROHIKEY --- 14:59:53 11.3.2008

rb017 offthesky - rare decay


What an enormous output this year by Jason Corder aka offthesky. He has given us two great releases on term and autoplate. Now he returns with a 4-track-EP on Resting Bell.

Musically related to the “Du Soleil ep” on atmoworks, “rare decay” presents four careful though stunning pieces. The entire release from beginning to end is a perfect compliment to lying down and watching the clouds lilt by. Or like listlessly gazing on a silent snow fall. It is a fitting soundtrack to harbor the softer side of winter’s brittle curse. It’s warmth beckons beauty that stirs fire in the icy corners of a torpid tundra landscape.

Take a rest and enjoy this great piece of music.


a tohle je tezka nadhera... drony s tunou libezny akustiky. wako i klin budou slintat :)