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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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FROHIKEY --- 16:46:29 27.2.2008

[dig009] G+Shame - Hg EP


"We knew the world will not be the same…" - This line that was taken from the EP's track «Radioaktiv» says it all.. Dirty, dirty, dirty – yet can't get my hands off of it – electro at it's best! " Hg" is the new EP on Diggarama net-label and the first one from our new signed artists from Belgrade – G+Shame. No time to panic people!! It's time to break down the walls and start a new-electronic-world raveolution with our fresh signed duo G+Shame and their 4-track lesson electro EP: «Hg» … Don't have to enjoy it – just listen to it.. Instructions will follow …

Radioaktiv – powerful and dark intro tune... Horror vocal is explaining facts about Prince of Darkness, Death and Destroyer of Worlds. After that, some mighty filtered vocals are taking you to a journey into the world of radioactive future and atomic shelters.

Core Meltdown – melodic and atmoshperic track... Combination of Kraftwerk and Aux 88, which we like...

Dark Cyde – track filled with some interesting synth actions... Changing all the time.

Midnight Express – Tamara Dinka in co-operation with G+Shame... Yummy! Her vocals make you listen to Midnight Express over and over sounding like combination between Anne Clarke (holy mother of recitals) and Miss Kitten (commercial blabber), which we also like... And so will you.


docela prijemnoucky electro - trosku oldschool...
ELECTRICFRET --- 16:14:51 27.2.2008
Plug'n'pray edition!

FROHIKEY --- 10:30:44 22.2.2008

[tube'|019] Embark - Red Horses EP


«Embark is the dance outfit for a french artist duo. They've released an EP before, for the Acrylik Netlabel imprint. Expect an aesthetic twist from our latest releases, because Red Horses pulls you to the dance floor with ease.
Starting on a shoegaze-like, slightly rock-oriented theme, 'Red Horses' sets the right melodic tone to what will come later. This has 'french electronica' written all over it: crunchy snares, ethnic drums, vintage synth and keyboard effects, 80's bass lines, some vocoder phrases and vocal samples here and there. It takes downtempo to a seemingly nostalgic level. It goes from Chillout to Deep House in a matter of 15 minutes.
'Aqualandia' picks up where the first track left and takes you to the House floor, nineties style. But you should call it Ambient House, I guess.
'Before To' heats up the dance floor, so that you can warm up and be prepared to the last track: 'Catch the Light'. A full, close to the ground old-school House killer. Can your feet hold up to the task?» - Pedro Leitão

P_NE --- 2:27:15 21.2.2008

Retrigger - Jeanie and Caroline



electro, samlpedelic... similar: messer chups, add n to x

FROHIKEY --- 10:31:54 19.2.2008

[adz003] larkian - droxma_1


jednotrackovka... uzasnej ambientik dronovatej
UNCLEAN --- 8:08:44 18.2.2008
FROHIKEY --- 21:05:52 17.2.2008

[owo005] Timitiminono - Microexorcism EP


Timitiminono's debut ep marks an important date in the universe of cryoworks. Timitiminono is the part of David Felix's schizoid personality that represents frustration.

This portugese musician concocted a deep drony ambience of delectable goodness for us to share with our fellow netizens. The first track is microexorcism of sounds so delicate and intricately woven you'll immediately fall into a blissful coma.

The second track invokes a curiosity in the listener, a curiosity which simmers in a bath of sounds and leads you into the light.

Best enjoyed latenights with a good sci-fi book.


uf tak konecne... a to mi to doma lezelo pripraveny asi mesic...
YARIN --- 1:21:43 17.2.2008

SOCIOPATH Recordings

Net label with free downloadable music in Taiwan.
breakcore/idm/drum'n'bass/hardcore/experimental/leftfield electronica style

ted jsem si zrovna ujel na giBBově albu Oorlas. nic prevratnyho, spis takovej radiovej brejkkór, ale da se. jo a pecka Cantota Can Can je skvele zprasenej yann tiersen, taste it!
UNCLEAN --- 14:44:35 16.2.2008
Mickey Eats Plastic - To Kill The White Glamour - Reworks EP 01

Tihle kluci z Italie proste umi :) IDM rokenrol!


01.i can see the pixels in your eyes [astroid-power up! rmx]
02.create(!) / six dreams divided [mep rmx]
03.ellul / freedom [mep rmx]
04.dorian Concept / exactly as an hypothesis my funk is my identity [mep 2nd round mix]
05.zucchini drive ft no surrender / a brand new 39 [mep original mix]
06.every april [naw's amphibious mating season mix]

.zip file (music + artwork)
.high quality artwork

To Kill The White Glamour - Reworks EP 01
four remixes by Mickey for Dorian Concept, Ellul, Zucchini Drive and Create(!) plus couple of sweet remixes done for us by Astroid-Power Up! and NAW.
Artwork by Matias Conduri.

The EP is for free but we'd REALLY appreciate an email by you to tell us you've got it: eatsplastic[at]gmail.com
FROHIKEY --- 11:10:31 15.2.2008
UNCLEAN: tak to posloucham... a moc prijemna zalezitost. du toho z AH pososat vic.