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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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UNCLEAN --- 10:02:58 14.2.2008
AMALGAM: No pages were found containing "cryoworks". Please try again. :,( :))
AMALGAM --- 4:09:38 14.2.2008

delal jsem si poradek v bookmarcich a podle filtru tady jeste nebyl napr. ACOWO

myslim, ze se trochu zmenili, predtim to mel byt jakysi seznam a portal filtrujici vsechny mozny zajimavy netlabely, ale vypada to, ze se uz soustredi jen na par..
pribyly pdocasty, sikovnej napad

short info: "The Acowo podcast is essentially a companion to the Acowo blog, a resource for "Introduction of High Quality Netlabels." In other words, Acowo is essentially a site for tracking new releases from a few hand-picked netlabels.

Your host at the weblog is Kengo Miyazaki, and for this site he's picked a few "labels that are dealing with minimal, techno, abstract, experimental, ambient, noise and stuff like that." (from the FAQ). Kengo blogs information about new releases from his chosen labels, including label, artist, album, track information, availability of a donation page or shop, license for the MP3s, and host for the MP3s. There is often additional descriptive information about the artist culled from the source site for the netlabel. To that extent, the Acowo site seems to be a very useful place to find new music of this sort."
MATHEW --- 17:44:28 7.2.2008
++ release

Various - Sky Diary Edits [zymogen + 12recs.]


Released: 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: guitar grain ambient
Notes:Total time:38:59

Alexandr Vatagin - end of the community
Darren Mcclure - a sheltered life hazuka mix
Engine7 - anachronism twilight mix
Letna - les couleurs
Bluermutt - ffcc33
Ibakusha - covalent bond
Heezen - crashed cars
Marsen Jules - a sheltered life


FROHIKEY --- 17:41:48 7.2.2008
NOIK: diky za tip. dneska sem si z toho dal prvni 2 releasy a paradicka!
UNCLEAN --- 14:33:34 4.2.2008
exc011: oxy - "Rved. Tha" EP


oxy = Ivan Pavlov ak COH

About 5 years ago I was playing around with a CD given to me in Moscow before a show with Coil. The record is by one band called Zvuki Mu [which I have never been a part of, contrary to what has been stated somewhere on the internet]. On this CD Zvuki Mu is essentially one Pjotr Mamonov who "sings" and "plays guitar". It's totally raw and I had quite some fun transforming the material.. so recently I have been approached by a Russian net-label called Musica Excentrica who was interested to publish something I made. Luckily I haven't deleted the sketches yet and now they're assempled into what that can be called an EP. Anyway to make the story short - here's a new release by myself as oxy [that's yet another Russian word backwards]


UNCLEAN --- 20:36:54 31.1.2008
LEVOS_BOB: super ! :)
LEVOS_BOB --- 20:15:35 31.1.2008
Surreal Madrid presents:
ok_01 - Disaster in room 208 EP

Music of this ukrainian artist is exactly the same as ukrainian roads. Broken, dirty and dangerous...

RATUS --- 14:35:32 29.1.2008


[one023] - loscil - stases (drones 2001 - 2005)
Revealing the somber underpinnings of his Loscil recordings, Scott Morgan has given us Stases - A collection of drones based upon the backgrounds of his work for Kranky Records, from 2001 to now.

As with his previous output, Stases follows theme and concept with further reference and meaning given through the title's definition: "..a condition of balance among various forces; motionlessness". Textured, aqueous, warm and pleasingly rich in (often bright) tonality giving us a deeper focus and alternate view into the corners of Morgan's music. Flemingy so surrounding, submersive, and natural - that it becomes easy to forget the complex overtones and flowing mixtures involved in the creation of them.

UNCLEAN --- 8:07:07 29.1.2008
FROHIKEY: jejda, skoda no :(