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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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MAHISH --- 19:05:26 13.12.2007
Můžete někdo doporučit něco jako Eric Delay? Teď stahuju Martina Schulte, pak možná Bridges Buildings ale dál už nevím. Díky
ELECTRICFRET --- 12:13:51 7.12.2007

HEAVY MENTAL 4 - BRNO - FLÉDA - 17/12/07
RATUS --- 21:46:41 2.12.2007


public record
sound political art, and the sound of our politics

In an increasingly conservative climate within electronic music and the audio arts, Public Record remains committed to releasing projects that do more than make political claims or represent political ideas. Like the Ultra-red organization itself, Public Record provides a space for exchange between artists and audiences of art directly engaging the political.

The German art critic Walter Benjamin once rebuked the Surrealists, demanding that artists who assume the mantle of revolutionaries would do better engaging actual political struggles than promoting their individual artistic careers. Benjamin challenges artists to pursue sustained and committed relationships with social movements.

Conversely, simply listening to political movements poses its own inadequacies. Convention and territorialism inflict many political organizers producing tendencies that result in stagnation. Leadership too often becomes a claim to power rather than a participatory process.



Artist: Laurence Rassel & Terre Thaemlitz
Title: The Laurence Rassel Show
Series: Articles of Incorporation

Produced for German Public Radio by musician and trans-activist Terre Thaemlitz in collaboration with Laurence Rassel of Brussel's cyberfeminist collective Constant. The album combines original and liberated music with spoken word examining the gender politics of the copyLeft. An album so cutting edge German Public Radio banned it from broadcast. Also starring Tina Horne, Pierre De Jaeger, Nicolas Malevé, Femke Snelting, Marie-Françoise Stewart, Aiko Tsuji and Wendy Van Wynsberghe.

GREGOR_PRIDE --- 20:39:30 25.11.2007
ABU: cuze?
ABU --- 19:36:29 25.11.2007
GREGOR_PRIDE --- 17:25:00 25.11.2007
LEVOS_BOB --- 16:14:44 23.11.2007
No.1 of our new SM limited edition 12inch vinyl series. Five tracks from artists across Europe. Playful melodies, raw beats and noise mess. Its all in here...

surreal madrid 016 - http://www.surrealmadrid.net
PHACATS --- 17:03:27 20.11.2007
GREGOR_PRIDE --- 17:01:29 20.11.2007
nebo idj.cz

tam tco je
PHACATS --- 16:58:47 20.11.2007
ahoj nevite nekdo co ma wazzotic s webem? nemuzu ani poslat email Zbynkovi...? ad nevite na nej nekdo nejaky jiny spojeni nez na email na strankach wazzotic-records.com ??? dik