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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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FROHIKEY --- 10:51:34 31.10.2007

Time for Trees - Four Films That Remind Me Of You (RSC014)


For the 14th release on Rope Swing Cities, we introduce you to the tongue-in-cheek sincerity of Colorado artist, Time For Trees. The 9 track EP, a mixture of ambient soundscapes and field recordings is the story of one sad man’s journey through dealing with losing something you’d kill for, without even getting the chance to draw blood.

The five eerily dissonant recordings that make up Where I Went To Heal - A Day at the Zoo, offer little solace as they reveal the depressing landscape of screaming children and depressed wildlife that make up the populace of the modern zoo experience. Ranging from the haunting cries of tropical birds with clipped wings, to the mewling whines of unappreciative children, ending with the warning roars of a lioness protecting her cubs, each of the five pieces that make up Where I Went To Heal… can best be described as somber and discomforting.

Juxtaposed against Where I Went To Heal are the four ambient soundscapes, which also include a base of field recordings, carefully manipulated and built upon to create the four films for which they are named. Brooding and melancholy, each piece slowly builds, gaining a disjointed, forceful timber as they near their end, to then drop away, as if allowing the listener to take a deep breath before the next wave comes.

Four Films That Remind Me Of You is the perfect release to listen to while curled up in a corner, with your knees pulled tight to your chest, rocking slowly back and forth, staring at nothing. So, put on your big sweater, shut all of the blinds, call your ex-, hang up when they answer… then call again and just listen to their voicemail message, and enjoy the sounds of Time For Trees.


velmi prijemnej ambientik/fieldrecording... mnam
ABU --- 13:28:03 29.10.2007
mracim se, ze nemuzu taky, o lidi se nebojim
FROHIKEY --- 12:49:14 29.10.2007
ABU: zas na druhou stranu, moc jinejch lidi vam to asi nepretahne... takze pohoda. kazdopadne dve dobry akce v jeden den jen na CR docela pech.
ABU --- 12:32:29 29.10.2007
FROHIKEY --- 12:23:29 29.10.2007
skoda no / u me taky vyhraje akrac...
UNCLEAN --- 12:13:15 29.10.2007
ABU: jasny, u me 100% ucast i kdyby trakare padaly...
ABU --- 12:11:42 29.10.2007
15.12. music infinity akrac.. zni to paradne (jen se to musi kryt se sibeggem, achjo)
UNCLEAN --- 10:28:59 29.10.2007

Male avizo na pristi Sobotu...

VORTEX -- 03. 11. 2007 / Roxy


UNCLEAN --- 9:04:14 18.10.2007
GREGOR_PRIDE: nene, tenhle je btw. z Ruska...