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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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UNCLEAN --- 8:29:42 17.10.2007
NOIK: Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee e e :,(
NOIK --- 17:10:30 16.10.2007
UNCLEAN: byli ste teda nakonec?
UNCLEAN --- 15:44:36 16.10.2007
ABU: COH performance @ R-N 11aniversary

FROHIKEY: Ty "toho" nadelas... :P
FROHIKEY --- 15:42:23 16.10.2007
UNCLEAN: "toho" voe :) radsi na ten nas radio porad drenaz zapomenem - bys tam strilel jednu errorku za druhou :)))))))
ABU --- 15:41:32 16.10.2007
(zuppa obrazek)
UNCLEAN --- 15:40:12 16.10.2007
FROHIKEY: helemese brothomstates, ty uz jsem neslysel leta...
FROHIKEY --- 15:30:42 16.10.2007

3 decades of brothomstates

Lassi Nikko aka Brothomstates (stary sceneri vzpomenou na jeho nick Dune - grupa Orange). Clovek kterej mel ohromnej vliv na vyvoj hudbicek k demum, az se postupne propracoval az na warp records a dalsi. peknej prurez tvorbou...

http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZR2KBDa7lAg - ukazka z dema The Secret Life of Mr.Black by Orange, 97, ktery si tenkrat prozpevoval kazdej scener :)

01. 00:00: intro / Whind (Kobn Tich Ey)
02. 03:40: Kusi (The Secret Life of Mr.Black by Orange, 97)
03. 06:38: Astral Ian Breakside
04. 14:25: Is/Am
05. 20:40: Origo Gardeners + Brothomstates Mix (Origami Live at Abduction 97)
06. 27:45: Asia Mist Garden
07. 29:41: ~k
08. 36:12: Mdrmx (Claro, Warp)
09. 42:04: Caero (Caero by Plant/EMF 95)
10. 48:51: Qtio (Qtio EP, Warp)
11. 53:25: Lackluster Suntrapez (brothomstates timing techniques)
12. 57:17: Riveurs Enjienrd by Brothomstates (Machine Drum - Half the Battle 02)
13. 61:05: Abdea (Kobn Tich Ey)

RATUS --- 12:16:00 12.10.2007
MINIBUBBLE --- 16:36:25 10.10.2007
Ahoj, zvu Vás dnes na BUBBLES MINIMAL NIGHT, free entry na Bukanýru, Djs: Tomics, Insect Elektrika, Awacs, Subsist. Start 20:00
UNCLEAN --- 11:00:35 9.10.2007

Monolake - Free Track of the Month (motion blur)


Hello and welcome (back) to the free track of the month. My original plan for October was to edit a track from 2001 that never made it into a release. However, while searching for it on my backup drive I came across a track from September 2004 that catched my attention. I spent a day removing all elements I found wrong and adding some new parts. The version here is the result of this day. It is just a rough edit, as a next step I will transfer it into my current Monolake Live set and see how it fits in.

The material is mostly created with my Synclavier II, edited and sequenzed in Ableton Live. I believe the original version from 2004 was the result of a collaborative effort of Torsten 'T++' Proefrock and me, so he deserves credit here too.

[ ~ 10minutes, 14MByte ]