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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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UNCLEAN --- 15:44:36 16.10.2007
ABU: COH performance @ R-N 11aniversary

FROHIKEY: Ty "toho" nadelas... :P
FROHIKEY --- 15:42:23 16.10.2007
UNCLEAN: "toho" voe :) radsi na ten nas radio porad drenaz zapomenem - bys tam strilel jednu errorku za druhou :)))))))
ABU --- 15:41:32 16.10.2007
(zuppa obrazek)
UNCLEAN --- 15:40:12 16.10.2007
FROHIKEY: helemese brothomstates, ty uz jsem neslysel leta...
FROHIKEY --- 15:30:42 16.10.2007

3 decades of brothomstates

Lassi Nikko aka Brothomstates (stary sceneri vzpomenou na jeho nick Dune - grupa Orange). Clovek kterej mel ohromnej vliv na vyvoj hudbicek k demum, az se postupne propracoval az na warp records a dalsi. peknej prurez tvorbou...

http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZR2KBDa7lAg - ukazka z dema The Secret Life of Mr.Black by Orange, 97, ktery si tenkrat prozpevoval kazdej scener :)

01. 00:00: intro / Whind (Kobn Tich Ey)
02. 03:40: Kusi (The Secret Life of Mr.Black by Orange, 97)
03. 06:38: Astral Ian Breakside
04. 14:25: Is/Am
05. 20:40: Origo Gardeners + Brothomstates Mix (Origami Live at Abduction 97)
06. 27:45: Asia Mist Garden
07. 29:41: ~k
08. 36:12: Mdrmx (Claro, Warp)
09. 42:04: Caero (Caero by Plant/EMF 95)
10. 48:51: Qtio (Qtio EP, Warp)
11. 53:25: Lackluster Suntrapez (brothomstates timing techniques)
12. 57:17: Riveurs Enjienrd by Brothomstates (Machine Drum - Half the Battle 02)
13. 61:05: Abdea (Kobn Tich Ey)

RATUS --- 12:16:00 12.10.2007
MINIBUBBLE --- 16:36:25 10.10.2007
Ahoj, zvu Vás dnes na BUBBLES MINIMAL NIGHT, free entry na Bukanýru, Djs: Tomics, Insect Elektrika, Awacs, Subsist. Start 20:00
UNCLEAN --- 11:00:35 9.10.2007

Monolake - Free Track of the Month (motion blur)


Hello and welcome (back) to the free track of the month. My original plan for October was to edit a track from 2001 that never made it into a release. However, while searching for it on my backup drive I came across a track from September 2004 that catched my attention. I spent a day removing all elements I found wrong and adding some new parts. The version here is the result of this day. It is just a rough edit, as a next step I will transfer it into my current Monolake Live set and see how it fits in.

The material is mostly created with my Synclavier II, edited and sequenzed in Ableton Live. I believe the original version from 2004 was the result of a collaborative effort of Torsten 'T++' Proefrock and me, so he deserves credit here too.

[ ~ 10minutes, 14MByte ]
UNCLEAN --- 11:01:26 8.10.2007
FROHIKEY: ty ja rad...dik za avizo...
FROHIKEY --- 10:40:00 8.10.2007

[12rec.042] bernier & trottier - objet abandonne en mer


The “Objet abandonne en Mer”-EP consists of four tracks with the title track being sub-divided in parts one to three. Opener “Harmattan” starts with a loop of rhythmically ordered glitches. Two entangled layers of acoustic guitar burst in, the slide-guitar rises and invokes an intense feeling of being lost. Bow and synthesizer replace the slide until an acoustic guitar introduces a simple Folk-melody. “Objet abandonne en Mer” is dominated by diverse field-recordings and crackling glitches. The feeling of being lost created in the first song is altered to a vague idea of rolling with the waves. The electro-acoustic cacophony of the introduction gives rise to a calm guitar melody. For the end, a thousand small Herzog-style guitars arise and consume the spectrum 'till single tones and chords begin to establish on top.
The third track opens with a nice Blues-motive on electric guitar and Nicolas' trademark noises. The initial melody disappears in reverb while a diffuse second layer gains contour beneath the surface. Just before the 1.000 Hours of Staring-similarity become too evident, a firm and catchy guitar emerges to make you hum along. Something like the album's dramaturgic peak. “Bourrasque” afterwards is the final tune. Mainly made of Simon's wonderful guitars, the songs starts with a lot of them piled up efficiently. After all, one singular Folk-melody survives just to drown in the sound of seagulls, oceanic hissing, noise and the distance echoes of Nicolas' and Simon's voices. More than just intriguing.


akustika plna smyccu... nadhera...