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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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UNCLEAN --- 22:42:10 25.12.2006

[echoscuro] 002 | Cortez Kavè-ashes to ashes


Ashes to ashes is the newest release from www.echoscuro.com and the first from Cortez Kavè.
He treats us with 2 deep and spacey tracks which will leave you wanting more. Black grass starts out the release with an old-fashioned vinyl feel, pure dub dirtiness. You'll feel as though you're tunneling your way through a dark Jamaican tunnel.

Kalabera is more of a spacey trip to an unknown galaxy. Stopping every now and then to enjoy the scenery. It feels so dark and lonely we have to wonder why we enjoy it so much.

UNCLEAN --- 22:41:37 25.12.2006

[p+01]Damian Otero- abre tapas ep

"21 years old, currently living in buenos aires, argentina. searching for the connecting sound between minimal and experimental electronic
music, in his productions he aims for the dance floor.

Influenced by the sound of minimal techno and experimental artists such as richie hawtin, troy pierce, magda and others.

Working together with digital ko, he has new works coming up.

01.Abre Tapas [08:32]
02.La Noche De Jean [08:37]



UNCLEAN --- 22:41:16 25.12.2006

[lo-kiwi 006] orbique - seven dirty sounds of breslau LP


.orbique - seven dirty sounds of breslau.

1. 21:37
2. girl
3. minus 27
4. thru opyum clouds
5. help me
6. neurotic
7. i don't care

UNCLEAN --- 22:40:40 25.12.2006

[nvr031] transient :: songs ep


A nice little collection of various flavored melodic downtempo for your listening pleasure. Made on my lunch breaks at work with the Bhajis Loops software for Palm handhelds. A little Christmas present for you, everyone have a peaceful 2007.

Download @
Direct Link
UNCLEAN --- 22:40:14 25.12.2006

[debun05] various artists - sofamusique


Out in time for Christmas the new compilation from debun, "sofamusique". This time a very mellow release with various artists from Hannover who will be making there own releases here at debun. We hope that this release will be a pleasant one, and we wish you all a happy christmas and happy new year. debun loves you!

Heiko MOR - December Nights
Steve Hyde - Ich will
Oliver Maaß - Random
Patrick Klein - Mood Chillin'
zilp & zalp - faru (zilp mix)
Simple Jay - Dreaming
zalp - mu

UNCLEAN --- 22:39:32 25.12.2006

[INTOXIK 20] V.A. - The Schwingsultaninen Remixes


UNCLEAN --- 5:18:22 24.12.2006

Mickey eats plastic - PEOPLE EATING TASTY PEOPLE (Mickey eats plastic is lucz and bluermutt)

Nj, kdyz uz se mi neco libi... Vazne to doporucuju :)


composed between 04/05 and 06/06 at somewherelse studio, Rome
everything by lucz and bluer except:
cello on trk.04 by Cosmo D
bass material on trk 08 by Marco Mastrantonio
lucz: guitar, bass, mouth-organ, electric piano, synths, files management
bluer: objects, diamonica, Max/MSP, editing, excessive layering, sleeping
mastering by Don Gunn, Seattle
We'd like to thank the following people for sharing their work while being so tasty:
smartelectronix, twerk, the lloopp team, tweakbench, everyone involved in the free sound project, the guys at EM411, Peter Quistgard, Borderzero

01. a transitorily abstract piece of music
02. first step in your ballroom
03. i can see the pixels in your eyes
04. failed breakfast, chinese tea
05. exactly as my identity my music is an
06. blue nail varnish
07. for the frogs
08. every april
09. revile and revere
10. exactly... [Dorian Concept restir]

Buy a cd! Only 5 euros including shipping!
or download a .zip file of the whole release
please write a mail if you download the album, we'd like to know who has got it: eatsplasticATgmail.com

plus nejaky veci navic...
UNCLEAN --- 4:27:38 24.12.2006
a specialne pro Frohika :) KUK :)
UNCLEAN --- 3:32:12 24.12.2006
UNCLEAN: skvela hudbicka, doporucuju ! ;)
UNCLEAN --- 10:38:44 23.12.2006
Stastny a vesely vsem navstevnikum ! :)