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"Válečné přípravy bývají občas přerušovány - válkami." Gabriel Laub

V případě publikování odkazů obskurních portálů typu Wertyz | Czechfreepress | Zvedavec & spol., následuje RO, případně ban.

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Conflict News - Twitter

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
YARRDESH --- 1:47:52 16.7.2019
FLU: ja si pri zmince jeho jmena vzdycky vzpomenu na tenhle song z jeho rannejsiho pusobeni :)
Agnostic Front - Police State
JAZZZ --- 0:28:36 16.7.2019
FLU: jako kdyz ten nejotravnejsi rozmazlenej fakan na piskovisti dostane na hrani atomovej kufrik ..
FLU --- 22:55:12 15.7.2019
Je opravdu děsivé sledovat, jak jeden z vlivných Trumpových poradců servilně podlézá kultistům z Mujahedin-e-Khalq. Netuším, jestli je Giuliani jen cynický zmetek, anebo naprostý pitomec, který skutečně věří tomu, že by tahle banda čistokrevných lunatiků mohla vládnout osmdesátimilionové zemí (sázel bych spíše na to druhé), ale ve výsledku je to skoro jedno.

Trump allies' visit throws light on secretive Iranian opposition group | World news | The Guardian

Giuliani described the MEK as a “government in exile” and suggested it was also a government in waiting after potential regime change in Iran. “It gives us confidence that if we make those efforts to overthrow that horrible regime, sooner rather than later, we will not only save lives but will be able to entrust the transition of Iran to a very responsible group of people,” he said to cheers from the assembled audience.


Last month, the Guardian spoke with about a dozen men in Tirana who had fled the MEK compound over the past two years. With no passports or other documents, they remain in limbo, unable either to work or to leave the country. The picture they painted of life inside the compound was of a cult-like atmosphere in which mobile phones and contact with relatives were banned, all interactions between men and women were prohibited, and days were spent sitting at computers firing out tweets and other online messages in support of the MEK.

Each evening, the men had to gather in small groups with their commanders for “ideological training” as well as a confessional about any sexual thoughts they might have had that day.

“For example, you would have to say: ‘I saw a girl on television and I got an erection,’ or ‘This morning I masturbated,’” said Hassan Heyrani, one of the defectors. He said there was no specific punishment for such admissions except scolding and embarrassment. “If you admit to it too often they will get angry and say: ‘How do you want to create freedom for the Iranian people if you have an erection every day?’

??? --- 21:40:09 15.7.2019
???: tajwanci dostali dočasnou ochranu tj rok nemusí do Číny

Česko nevydá osm Tchajwanců do Číny. Vězňům tam hrozí mučení nebo i smrt | iROZHLAS - spolehlivé zprávy
WODA --- 17:06:15 15.7.2019
He, česky se tomu podle všeho říká raketnice a vypadá to jako sovětský typ B-.8
WODA --- 17:01:35 15.7.2019
WODA: na tom videu na La Republica, je vidět ještě víc zajímavý techniky, kterou by rozhodně nácci mít neměli.
V čase 1:32 například 2 takový ty raketomety pro letedla a vrtulníky (anglicky rocekt pod)
WODA --- 16:19:06 15.7.2019
Italská policie zabavila při razii proti pravicovým extremistům desítky automatických zbraní, kupu munice, kokpit stíhačky a jednu raketu vzduch-vzduch. Zřejmě slušnej oddíl:


Na základě tipu od Ukrajinců na lidi, kteří bojovali na Donbasu.

Tady to má třeba newsweek:

La republica má víc foteček:

A mají i video z razie, kde je vidět ten kokpit.
FLU --- 9:07:56 15.7.2019
Turkmenistán je na nejlepší cestě k tomu, aby se stal středoasijským ekvivalentem Venezuely.

'Edge of catastrophe': report warns firms and governments off Turkmenistan | World news | The Guardian

A typical evening on Turkmen state news might see the president shooting at targets or throwing knives with extreme precision, or perhaps hitting a hole in one on a newly opened golf course. He is usually encouraged by an entourage of enthusiastically applauding officials. Cabinet meetings can involve ministers bowing heads and applauding while the president lifts weights made from solid gold.

Berdymukhamedov has awarded himself the honorific title “People’s Horse Breeder” and in 2015 unveiled a golden statue of himself atop a horse in Ashgabat, the country’s capital. In recent years, he has given his musical talents space to breathe, appearing on television playing the guitar, singing songs about horses, or rapping while his grandson sings along.

[...] laughter around Berdymukhamedov’s personality cult distract from a grim and quickly worsening economic situation inside the country, while foreign leaders and investors attempt to ignore both.

Last week, the EU’s foreign policy representative, Federica Mogherini, was in Ashgabat to announce the opening of a diplomatic mission to the country, and made no mention of human rights concerns, while Britain has made trade promotion the centrepiece of its diplomatic engagement with Turkmenistan.

Ruslan Myatiev, editor of the independent news and human rights organisation turkmen.news, which is based in the Netherlands, said there have been “increasing reports of food shortages from sources inside the country”, as gas prices go down and the government continues to spend money on a series of ill-advised vanity projects, such as an enormous new airport that serves very few flights.


Celý report ke stažení zde:
Spotlight on Turkmenistan - The Foreign Policy Centre
TAX --- 13:30:36 14.7.2019
Turecko vytěžuje Kypru zemní plyn. EU proti členovi NATO chystá uvalit sankce - iDNES.cz

osmansky pes AKA clen spolku spravedlivych a nas spojenec. tak si jej hyckejme!