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MANCA --- 17:31:28 4.11.2011
trochu spamu:


nabizime 2-3 pracovni mista á 5000Kc/mes. v nasi kancelari ve Snemovni 15, P-1 Mala Strana.
jednaci mistnost, sdileny pracovni prostor, dilna, koupelna, kuchyn, internet & COLL COLL included.

vice info a pripadne dohodnuti si navstevy na: md@collcoll.cc
MARURA --- 10:13:22 26.10.2011

Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN Artists Residency Prize

For the first time, Ars Electronica in partnership with CERN announce the Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN Artists Residency Prize. This new international competition for digital art awards an artist-in-residence at CERN the world’s largest particle physics laboratory in Geneva and the Ars Electronica Futurelab in Linz. The prize is combined with prize money of €10.000,-. Please find more information here: http://www.aec.at/prix/en/collide/

Due to the request of artists and submitters the deadline for the online registration is extended until November 10th, 2011.

If you have any questions or need further support to finalize your online submission, please contact collide@prixars.aec.at

We very much hope to hear from you. And please don’t hesitate to pass the word on! Thank you.

Best regards,
Futurelab Team / Ars Electronica
Collide@CERN Team / European Centre for Nuclear Research
FISHEYE_100 --- 8:50:10 16.10.2011
Školská 28: Komunikační prostor / Jamie Drouin / Dušan Urbanec
Srdečně zveme na pondělí...
Dušan Urbanec přislíbil maping galerie a blíže neurčený analogový sync se zvukem...
MARURA --- 12:34:51 12.10.2011
Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN Artists Residency Prize

We are very excited that Ars Electronica has teamed up with the world's
largest particle physics laboratory, CERN in Geneva to create a new
award in the Prix Ars Electronica. We thought we would let you share in
our excitement and see if you would like to join us too!

Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN is an open international competition
for an artist working in the digital domain to win a 3 month funded two
centre residency to blow your mind and take you into new dimensions.

The award is designed to bring you right close up and personal for two
months with the multi-dimensional thinking of particle physicists at the
home of the world's biggest machine, the Large Hadron Collider, in
Geneva. At CERN particle physicists from over 100 countries across the
planet are investigating everything from the structure of the universe
to the smallest elements known to mankind - as well as pushing gravity
and light to their limits and unlocking the secrets of clouds - all
thanks to cutting edge technology, engineering and thinking.

After two months resident at CERN, the same winning artist is then
resident for a month at Ars Electronica in Linz with the
transdisciplinary team Futurelab to develop and produce your ideas
inspired by your CERN experience. This is all made possible thanks to a
grant which funds the residencies, subsistence and travel, as well as
10,000 Euros in prize money on top. We also ought to add that you will
have two dedicated mentors during your residencies - one from Futurelab
mentor and a scientist from CERN too.

More information you can find here www.aec.at/prix/collide and
www.cern.ch. Or submit online here collide.aec.at.

We very much hope to hear from you. And please don't hesitate to pass
the word on! Thank you.

All good wishes
Futurelab Team / Ars Electronica
Collide@CERN Team / European Centre for Nuclear Research
RADIQAL --- 10:09:35 30.9.2011
MARURA --- 23:12:48 29.9.2011
Free online course of AI
Prihlasky do 9.10.2011.

To register

More info about the course

RADIQAL --- 17:15:19 28.9.2011
RADIQAL --- 13:11:52 27.9.2011
MARURA: wow, to vypada jako zajimava top-down alternace kickstarteru...