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SVTONIK --- 17:52:35 28.5.2011
tu clanek o videomappingu v poslednim cisle casopisu Iluminace
MARURA --- 10:26:53 27.5.2011
Dear Artists,

We, Chic Art Fair Paris (contemporary art fair - off FIAC) and PvonK Berlin (creative team), are glad to invite you to the following OPEN CALL.

Chic Art Fair Paris and PvonK Berlin are working in collaboration to organize a URBAN SCREENING on an outside concrete wall, longing the River Seine in Paris.

The Screening "SET IN CONCRETE" will take place every evening during the Chic Art Fair: OCTOBER, 20th-24th 2011.

The Event is supported by settled Personalities in the field of Video Art : Mirjam Struppek (Interactionfield-DE), Scale (collective for images in shows-FR).

The Open Call is NOW OPEN, and will end on the 5th of September, 2011.

You should find every details concerning the theme, format, and process in an upcoming PDF file (to be sent within the next days).
You can also DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION FORM (PDF) from now on the following link : http://pvonk.com/?p=5507

If you need further infos, write to pvonk@pvonk.com. You can also forward the present e-mail to artists of your surrounding.

We are looking forward to receiving your Video Artworks!


Pauline von Künssberg-PvonK Berlin
Urielle Calloc'h-Chic Art Fair Paris
www.pvonk.com // www.vimeo.com/pvonk

Pauline von Künssberg-PvonK Berlin
Frankfurter Allee, 43
10247 Berlin
(0049)176 37 036 840
(0049)176 61 531 577

ORX_QX --- 23:57:02 19.5.2011
MSTRKRFT: Co treba toto by te neinspirovalo a neposkytlo dostatek materialu?
Atlas odlehlých území | č. 1 | 2011 | archiv - A2 – časopis kultury a oddechu
MARURA --- 2:04:57 17.5.2011
Chytre obleceni
PORT TV — Chytré oblečení — PORT — Česká televize
URUK --- 18:42:53 12.5.2011
MSTRKRFT: Proč o tom píšeš, když vlastně nevíš co...?
MARURA --- 14:10:22 10.5.2011
Koukni se na archiv Ars Electronica
Je to takovej dobrej bod kde zacit.

Taky bys mozna neco nasla v MIT databazi http://dspace.mit.edu/handle/1721.1/7582
Je tam MIT medialab kde se udalo hodne vyraznych pocinu v tehle oblasti.

jen je to vsechno v anglictine...v cestine nevim co kde je....
MARURA --- 11:52:54 5.5.2011
KinocirKus and Lunchmeat present
► Video Mapping Workshop ◄
for VJs, Performers, Scenographist, Digital Artists, Graphic Designers,...

Video Mapping is a technique of projection on 3D objects, ranging from origami to whole life size buildings. This offers more expressive possibilities than a flat rectangular screen could ever do!

The aim of the workshop is to learn how to create a reconstruction of a surface or how to explore video work using a whole new spectrum of possibilities offered by the space itself.

We will be creating special digital decorations and the result of the workshop will be exposed during the DJ sets of saturday party at

To participate, please mail to sarchiapone@yahoo.com
write two words about your background, related software skills (drawing, Vjing, composing, etc..) and (if possible) link to your works.

We will bring few projectors and some material to build a projection structure. You should bring just your computer. If you have projector, put it to the bag too please. Some fabrics, carton, glue, tapes, equipments also welcomed..

start:15:00 \\\\ FREE \\\\ zdarma
MARURA --- 23:17:10 4.5.2011
KORINKOWICZ: jeje ;-) uz jsem zapomela jak vtipny uvod pan presenter u me prednasky vytvoril ;-)
KORINKOWICZ --- 14:07:10 4.5.2011
zaznam prednasek z Enter 5: Datapolis