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Indie / Punk / Soul and a little Electro

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“Conversation Less” is the first official release by The Hacienda.
The Hacienda is a project born in December of 2003 in Florence, Italy. After few months the band recorded their first 5 songs demo called “About This Way”. The sound of the band was mainly influenced by the British pop of band like “The Smiths”, “Elastica”, “Blur”, and also from band with more garage sound like “Black Rebel Motorcycle Club”, “Super Furry Animals” and “Ride”.
In 2004 the band played few shows around Tuscany to promote “About This Way”. In April 2005 the band won the “Controradio Rockcontest”, a battle of the bands made by the Florentine Radio “Controradio”, that gave them the opportunity to play, in May 2005, at the Volkshaus in Zurich and in the winter of 2006 to play as opening act for Tiromancino and Planet Funk and also to be the headliner at the music festival “Station to station” in Florence.
In 2007 the band kept play around Italy and kept win big music competitions that gave to them the opportunity to play in big Italian Festivals such as “Italia Wave”, “Arezzo Play”, “Pistoia Blues”, “Metarock” and “Marea” Festival.
Lots of people started to follow the band like It shows the number of contacts in their MySpace page that has more than 120000 fans!!!
At the end of 2007 and for the rest of 2008 The Hacienda developed, concert by concert, a better live attitude and shared the stage with band like “Blondelle”, “The Others”, “Kill The Young”, “The Wombats” and “1990s”.
The Hacienda just finished to record their first album Conversation Less, recorded at “Savonarola 69 studio” and mastered by Shawn Joseph at “Optimum Mastering Studio” in Bristol.
The record will be released by Black Candy Records in Spring 2009.

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