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Call4VJs & Video Artists! One Night DIY exhibit hosting VJs+Projectors

Call4VJs & Video Artists!

In the frame of Signal festival 2016, KinocirKus & VJeové v Praze/ VJs in Prague are organizing the 4th Prague Bring Your Own Beamer edition, which will take place the 13th of Oct. in the Experimental Space NoD.

#BYOB /BringYourOwnBeamer/ is a series of one-night-exhibitions hosting artists and their projectors. It gives the opportunity to people involved in VJing and other live visual arts to get in touch and connect, sharing their skills and showing their work to other collegues. BYOB creates an international temporary platform that brings an unique opportunity to build a global network for Vjs. Firstly conceived by Rafaël Rozendaal, BYOB has quickly became an excellent chance for VJs to meet other VJs, creating a huge collection of improvisative and temporary visual installations that reach its climax with the resulting BYOB party event in NoD.

Wanna join? write to info@kinocirkus.net for more info
or come to the next VJ miting on the 14th of Sept. in NoD: https://www.facebook.com/events/1785698538353696/
Accommodation and dinner is being offered to all of the artists that are invited.

Pictures from previous BYOBs in Prague
http://tiny.cc/ByobPraha1 25.01.2013
http://tiny.cc/ByobPraha2 24.05.2014
http://tiny.cc/ByobPraha3 18.10.2014

Made in KinocirKus


VJeové v Praze/ VJs in Prague

Supported by Signal Festival & NoD


Bring Your Own Beamer project: http://www.byobworldwide.com/

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