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TranceCarpathiArts family gathering 2013, 27.9. - 29.9.
OPEN AIR Psytrance party in Ukraine:
2 stages, Tearoom, performace, Dekos, more...
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TranceCarpathiArts family gathering 2013 - Ukraine.

Dear friends! Autumn in Carpathia became good tradition of our gatherings. We invite you to spend a weekend in beautiful mountains, to share impressions from trips, adventures, and interesting events that happened during our parting, together with dancing, sitting by the fire with a cup tea or something stronger, taste delicious food, just listen to the music of nature and enjoy the mountain landscape, meet breathtaking sunrises and sunsets….
We will do our best to create a comfortable environment for you to feel quiet and peaceful in our family hearth... A big request to you – please, prepare yourself properly for the trip, ensuring your personal comfort by means of warm clothes, extra clothes, shoes and waterproof accessories, camping stuff, etc.
Our Master Deadman Cook will take care of hot meals (traditional and vegetarian cuisine), strong drinks and a fantastic teashop "Masale" organized by our favorite Kitty and her friends. ..
the music will take care :

live psytrance & chill out:

-Shivatrance - Czech republic https://soundcloud.com/shivatrance
-Shivanam - Czech republic (www.shivanam.cz)
-I-one - Czech Republic https://soundcloud.com/i-one-namaste
-Haraburda (Psyalaska tribe) - Slovakia
-Manga (Chaotic Experience) - Russia
-Spatial Feature (Ouloup Recordings) - Russia
-White Rabbit (Ouloup Recordings/ Chaotic Experience)- Russia
-Kalumet (Halu beats rec.) - Hungary
-Tiger Punch - Hungary
-Ancient Core (astronautic records) - Romania
-Atati (TranceCarpathiArts,Blouehours rec.) - Ukraine
-Already Maged (Sonic Chakras rec.) - Ukraine
-Apaticum (TranceCarpathiArts) - Ukraine


-BASTEL (mindtravelagency/berlin)- Germany
-604 FX (Sonic Chakras rec.) - Russia
-MAX (Chill out planet) - Russia
-TOLLY (Tokamak S.S.) - Russia (vinyl set)
-COOPER (cosmic plasma) -Romania
-OCHEN (LesnaSzajka/ADMusic)-Poland
-SMEAGOL (bizzare project) - Slovakia
-STAFA (Psyalaska tribe) - Slovakia
-KAPCA (Psyalaska tribe) - Slovakia
-GLOBEGG - Czhech republic
-MICHEDELIC (Psyquest) - Kiev, Ua
-SEKI KMEKI (Treetrolla rec.) - Odessa,Ua
-REACH (D.S.Family) - Odessa,Ua
-KAZINAKI - (Mooranglee) - Lvov,Ua
-BUFF (Boolenath Connection) - Kiev,Ua
-PACKAWAN (Cube Group) - Lvov,Ua
-D.S.L. - Lvov,Ua
-ZYA ZYA (TranceCarpathiArts)
-DMA (TranceCarpathiArts)
-GRIZLIUZ (TranceCarpathiArts)
-VIKI (Salamander) - Uzh.,Ua
-ALEX ACID - Uzh.,Ua
-PETRIX (TranceCarpathiArts)

live bands:

-Voice of boys (Voice promo) - Ukraine
-Afterlight - Ukraine

Deco & visuals:
-Free Optics (Germany)
-Dimorphic (Ukraine)
-Psyalaska tribe (Slovakia)
-TranceCarpathiarts (Ukraine)

Gate many : 15 Eu

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
KUTNY --- 13:55:02 26.8.2013
toho 26.9 a 30.9/1.10 mate v planu nejake cestovani po Ukrajine?
ANICKAJEDNICKA --- 11:14:13 24.8.2013
hodně zajímací:)
I_ONE --- 14:32:11 23.8.2013
Budeme vypravovat velký auto - tzn. 4 místa jsou ještě volné z Brna 26.9. odjezd - návrat kolem 30. - 9. - 1.10. do Brna. Cesták se podělí počtem lidí.